Change time shift from 12hr to 24

so my dashboard is set to from=now-1d/d&to=now-1d/d
this is perfect same day from 00:00:00 to 23:59:59
e.g. Nov 30 00:00:00 to Nov 30 23:59:59
however, when clicking time shift arrows the shifting becomes every 12h
e.g. each backward shift:
Nov 29 12:00:00 to Nov 30 11:59:59
Nov 29 00:00:00 to Nov 29 23:59:59
Nov 28 12:00:00 to Nov 29 11:59:59

how to control this and change the name each time shift step = 24 hrs


Not exactly sure what you mean here, i.e. how do you do this.

If I want to timeshift a panel 24 hours I do like this:


Please let me know if this helps


Thanks for replying.
What I mean was the arrows around “zoom out”

your solution is actually shifting the relative time to the selected time.

I think I found out the solution for my case. the javascript timepicker is working as follows
var timespan = ( - range.from.valueOf()) / 2;

when my initial time is yesterday which is 24 hrs, by clicking the zoom out arrows back, timespan is calculated as the code above which eventually ends as 12 hrs shifts in time.

I guess I have two solutions:

  1. change the code to:
    var timespan = ( - range.from.valueOf()) / 1;

  2. start with initial 48 hrs time range in query string (which in my case does not affect the result), then every backward zoom out will be 24 hrs