Categorizing values

Hi there,

I am trying to match single values in grafana into categories. For example:
If the value is between 1 and 3, I want to transform it into a 1.
4-8 → 2
9-15 → 3
16-25 → 4

So if a value is in a specific range, I want to transform it into the number of this category.

This works perfectly with value mapping.
BUT: I need to reuse this new values in another panel because I need to calculate with it.

When using value mapping and linking to another panel, I always get the original values not the mapped ones.

How can solve this?
Or is there any other possibility than using value mapping (e.g. with transformation?)

I would be glad to get some advice.


Hi @mdiet

I too have noticed that things get a little wonky if try to pass value mappings to another dashboard. What is the datasource that is storing these values? In such a situation, it might be easiest to perform these calculations on the db site, and then simply import those new values to grafana alongside the others