Handle same value mappings in multiple panels

Right now I am using Grafana version 10.1.0 and a scenario has arisen that I don’t know how to solve.

The use case

Currently I have several panels, let’s put 3 as example, that share the same column (let’s put as an example that this column is the ID). This column has some values that are not friendly to read. For that reason I use the value mapping option to alter its visualization to a more friendly format.

For example

1 → Customer 1
2 → Customer 2

The problem is that if there is a change in the ID I have to change the same value mapping in all the panels where I have made the transformation. Continuing with the example I would have to modify the value mapping of 3 panels.

Is there any solution to have all the value mappings in a contained way and that the panels make use of that to perform the mapping? Instead of having to define it one by one in each panel.


Hello @aarguinano have you tried it with the repeated options to the rows?

Hello @samigv ,

Thank you for your reply! Could you explain a little better how the repeat options could solve the problem I have? Right now I don’t see how the repeat options could solve the problem.


Why would there be a change in the ID? Why would customer 1 now become 3 when it was 1 earlier?

Hello @yosiasz,

Thank you for your answer! It is not so much a question of whether it can change or not. It is a question of how to centrally manage the mapping of values. Adding a new customer, correcting a spelling mistake,… are tasks that become unmaintainable and tedious if the value mapping cannot be managed in one place.

Adding new customers is something that may occur frequently, although changing the name of a customer may not be such a frequent task, but it can be a very tedious and time-consuming task if it occurs.

Put it in a database. Do you not alread have a database of your customer list somewhere?

Hello @yosiasz !

Thank you very much for your reply!

Although my question was more focused on solving the problem from Grafana not from an external component or from the data layer. For example from the example proposed in the official Grafana documentation (link) about three ranges going from Cold, Good and Hot. If I had to define that range in 5 panels of the same dashboard and for some reason I would have to change some range because that temperature is no longer considered Cold or Hot, I would have to go panel by panel changing it. When it would be more interesting to change it in a single place and that this change would be propagated to all the panels that need it.