Cannot login to v10.1.0 (838218ba20) as admin

I’ve just successfully installed Grafana on a Raspberry Pi 400 running RPi OS v ‘Bullseye’. I can access the Grafana login page at IP:3000 but CANNOT login as admin using known default password admin. I just get ‘Login failed Unknown error occurred’ every time. Why? It’s a pristine clean install. Whay doesn’t the admin:admin login work? Any help gratefully received!

Does anyone here know anything about this error? It would appear to be some sort of database error - if I purposely use a false, incorrect password (like ‘password’) I get the correct message that either the username or password is incorrect. But if I use the ‘correct’ username and password (admin:admin) I just get this message ‘Login failed. Unknown error occurred’. Every time. There’s not much point having a Grafana instance if I can’t even start to access it!! Thanks.

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Exactly what I’m seeing! And, yes, 100% certain the user name and password are as suggested (admin:admin). So - what’s wrong?

Have the same issue with a brand new installation on my Raspberry4 (4GB) and bullseye OS.
Even if I reset the PW with the CLI, no success :frowning_face:
Indeed i can see changes in the users table of sqlite3-DB when I’m using CLI command. The encrypted PW changes… But login as an admin always fails with error message stated above.