Cannot connect MQTT plugin to HiveMQ broker

I’m running Grafana 9.3.6 installed via apt-get on Ubuntu 20.04.5

I have a HiveMQ cloud broker I’m trying to connect to.
Previously I succeeded to connect via mosquitto command line tool and mosquittopp C++ interface. These required me to provide a certificate or certificate path.

  • I used the .pem file provided by HiveMQ with the command line tool.
  • I provided the /etc/ssl/certs/ path for the C++ interface (the 1st option did not work out)

Now I’m trying to connect via the Grafana MQTT plugin. I installed it using
grafana-cli plugins install grafana-mqtt-datasource.

When trying to add it in the web gui, I get the following error:
error connecting to MQTT broker: network Error : EOF

I can see some messages going back and forth in Wireshark so I assume the problem is with the certificates.

I tried editing the grafana.ini file without success. It’s not completely clear which file/path should I add where and what other options I need to set. I have been meddling with the following settings but no results so far:

  • under [server]
    • ;cert_file =
  • under [database]
    • ;ssl_mode = disable
    • ;ca_cert_path =
    • ;client_cert_path =
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Input Uri: tls://url:port


Yeah, adding tls:// at the beginning of the URI helped.