Cannot add ES datasource


Hi guys. I’m gonna add the ES into Grafana datasource, and config the “Time field name” value to “@timestamp”. But an exception “No date field named @timestamp found” ouccurs. The es index is created by metricbeat. I cannot see any mistakes here and how could I solve this problem. Thanks in advance.
Here is the exception image:
Here is the response message that Grafana querys from ES


Grafana will support Elasticsearch v7 starting from v6.2 stable, see


Thanks for your reply and what’s the release plan about Grafana v6.2 stable ? As far as I could tell from the website, the newest version is 6.1.6, Thank you


v6.2 beta is out. We expect stable to be released in a week or so.


OK, thanks. Looking forward to the excellent release…