[Grafana][elasticsearch datasource] No date field named @timestamp found


I’m currently using Grafana version 10.1.0 and have encountered a problem while trying to integrate my Elasticsearch datasource. Despite the presence of the @timestamp field within my Elasticsearch indices, Grafana displays the error: “No date field named @timestamp found.”

I have confirmed through Elasticsearch that the @timestamp field does indeed exist within my indices. Despite attempts to address the issue, such as modifying the field name to remove the ‘@’ symbol, the problem persists. It’s important to note that Grafana is able to connect to the Elasticsearch URL, indicating that the issue is specifically with the index recognition.

I am seeking assistance to resolve this issue and successfully link my Elasticsearch datasource with Grafana.


im currently using elasticsearch v 8.6.2

i have also this error while executing the datasource,

issue fixed,

I removed the nginx.ingress.kubernetes.io/rewrite-target: /$1 annotation in the Ingress resource because it is utilized for URL rewriting when forwarding requests to the backend service. However, when dealing with Grafana, this annotation can potentially cause issues, especially if Grafana relies on specific URL paths for its internal routing.

The nginx.ingress.kubernetes.io/rewrite-target annotation is commonly employed for URL path rewriting with the NGINX Ingress Controller. The / followed by $1 at the end serves as a placeholder for the captured group from the Ingress path. This instructs NGINX to rewrite the URL using the content of the captured group. Removing this annotation helps prevent conflicts or disruptions in Grafana’s functionality that may arise from unintended URL modifications.