Can not edit Panels in Grafana Dashboard

For some time now, I can not edit or even add an alert through the dashboard. I updated my Ubuntu machine, updated grafana, and still can not edit a grafana panel within a dashboard.


  • Every time I select “edit” a panel within a dashboard, it takes me to the single pane panel, and when I choose the “alerting,” it never takes me there, and it looks like the UI becomes unresponsive, and I have to scroll down for the UI to come back up.

2 vCPU 4gram
Grafana Latest version
Updated Ubuntu

What troubleshooting methods can I try? I can also provide the JSON dashboard for reference.

welcome to the :grafana: forum, @drewgoodson5427

two things: try including some screenshots, and list your exact grafana version.

Also, I would suggest going to and comparing how those panels look with your own :+1: .

That should help the community understand your issue a bit better