Can I disable $timeFilter (time range) in Grafana?


I created a dashboard in Grafana, I want to search some values with my variable value and show all data in graph without any time limitation.

SELECT “Value004” AS “Value004”, “Value003” AS “Value003” FROM “mytable” WHERE (“searchvalue” =~ /^searchvalue/)

1 When I add a new column to the query it adds automatically following line to the query
AND $timeFilter

  1. I can delete ‘AND $timeFilter’ statement in the query text edit mode and save the dashboard, but when I search a value in variable it gives me result in graph as ‘Data outside time rage’

Can I disable the time rage in Grafana?

Database = InfluxDB


Grafana is designated for time series. You will have hard time to visualize non time series in Grafana. You will need to hack it. For example graph (time series panel) doesn’t make sense for your example query. But you can “visualize” result of that query in the table panel.