Can Grafana Mimir be used for logs as a long term storage solution

Hello Team,

I have setup the log monitoring by installing the Grafana agent in static mode in the remote machine and configured with loki endpoint. However, I would like to see a permanent storage solution to store the log data received by Loki from the Grafana agent.

Is it possible to use Grafana Mimir to store the log data (as a long term storage solution) received by Loki from Grafana agent installed server ? If yes, could you please let us know how to achieve this ?

In addition, I do not want to use any integration with Cloud services for long term storage.

Hello Team,

Could you please let me know if there is any update on the post ?

No, Mimir is for metrics, not for logs. Loki is for logs (and of course not for metrics). Logs and metrics are different types of signals.