Can grafana give an alert, when there is a sudden fall of data

Hi, I’m using grafana version 5.3.4

I have a field that shows the state of charge, if there is a sudden fall in the data then grafana should alert me. I have attached a graph where there is a drop from 50 to 14 in 8 mins. I can set up the alert rule where grafana can alert me for the threshold values in a given time, but here I want to get an alert whenever there is a fall in the data of 30% in 5 mins(as this fall will happen rarely and I want to make sure I address the Issue, for that, I should be alerted). Is that possible somehow? I would appreciate if anyone helps me with this.

Hey Jasan,

You can’t alert on this graph for the fall, but what you could do is create another tile which takes this query and uses the “Derivative” function on it. The derivative in drops will be negative, so you can alert on the Derivative value being <-10 or some value. Technically, you could divide the derivative by the total or previous quantity to figure out the percentage change and then alert in the same fashion.

Hope this helps!