Alerting on peaks


I am creating several panels in dashboard and each one of them is count based on conditions. I want to create alerts when sudden spike appears. How can i achieve that? I tried below methods.

  1. I calculate average and comparing number of records receiving but this is not fulfilling our requirement.

Now, I am thinking of using percent_diff().

I am using grafana 6.2.5

Try to use max value

max value can be anything and range can also increase. I am looking for low width peaks which will generate due to system failures.

I think you can use derivative…
For sure, Grafana7.x have this, I also use this derivative value to get the diff of the values.

I can’t find proper documentation where usage and details are mentioned.

Hi @fadjar340,

As you suggest, I can see derivate is the thing i was looking for but how to apply alert on derivate of count instead of count?


Check my post here
To visualize the derivative only, you can hide the main metric but the derivative metric

Currently, I am having metrics and graph like this and i want to apply alert on yellow. How to do that?

As you can see here i have only Query A present here.

Just select the eye picture beside Metric Count, then you will have only Derivative metrics show, then build the alert