Simple alert based on derivative function result

I am hoping for a fresh set of eyes to look at this alert that I set up. I have a query and derivative function (InfluxQL) working fine, where I am monitoring the temperature of a liquid and it is looking at how fast the temp rises or cools over a 10-minute interval. The “danger” point is 0.5 degrees rise in 10 minutes, so I put a threshold at 0.5 for visual purposes, and set an alert as shown below. However, because the derivative function is only gathering a result every 10 minutes (15:10, 15:20, etc.), my alerting is not picking this up (i.e. it should have triggered an alert as soon as the data point exceeded 0.5). I think I am missing something simple here.

Update: Changing the alert parameters to 5m did not work either. See below, where a result > 0.5 was present at 06:10 and 06:20

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