Basic question re: alerting

Using InfluxDB 2.3. See screenshots below. I want to alert whenever the value of the “difference” value is greater than 0.5

Shouldn’t I see some results in the lower table? (it says Value 0…I was expecting a table showing the ~10 times that the value was > 0.5).

Look legit to me. what is your contact point and what does it do when you do a test, does it work?
Also what does your log file say about this?

So I went thru some of the latest Grafana tutorials on this and got rid of the expression “B” (classic condition) and instead made it a Reduce expression and then created expression “C” (math operation to do the comparison of B vs. my threshhold). Looks like this and appears to work fine (no error codes like before)…(however, more after the screenshots)

However, the alert did not work as expected. Per the above, I am evaluating every 30s for 5m. In a recent case, the deviation was > 2.5 from 22:03 to 22:11, or 8 minutes. All I got during this time was “Pending”. Can anyone think of any reasons why this did not display “Firing” since it was in the alert condition for > 5 minutes?