Alerts - fire when the value change is above xx% of the last xx minutes/hours

Hey there,

i’m kinda new to Grafana. It works great and i’m using it to display a bunch of data.

My data contain numbers which are changes every 30 min.

Example graph:

green: Query A
yellow: Query B

Now i want to create a alert. I’m not sure what conditions i need to use to get this result:

If Query B is changed xx% over the last xx min/hour
Simple example:
A 15.09.2020: 5.000
A 16.09.2020: 4.910
A 17.09.2020: 4.800
A 18.09.2020: 2.300 <— Fire a alert here because it have a unnormal high drop
A 19.09.2020: 2.200

Like the huge drop in the B query (yellow). It would be nice to get a alert something like this happen.

Is this possible as a alert?