Grafana Alert - Functions

Running Grafana v5.1.3 (087143285) with Graphite

I am trying to set up an alert for the following graph:

I would like to be alerted on whenever this graph flat line for 5 minutes. I tried to use diff(), avg(). min() and max() together, etc and I could not find a best way to do it.

Any ideias ?

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Sorry for the necropost but I am also very much interested in having some sort of functionality to alert the user when the graph flatlines. Seems like the only solutions at the moment are using third party addons with Grafana but I am wondering if and when this could become a native solution.

@rocketboy235 have you had a look at Grafana 8 alerting?

I will have to take a look at Grafana 8, thanks. I’m guessing the native alerting functionality has been vastly improved since Grafana 6.

I have only been familiar with Grafana 6 (due to what is currently installed in my environment).

Grafana 8 alerting is very different! We’re still making changes and improvements to it as well. There may be a bit of a learning curve, although if you’re familiar with Prometheus and Prometheus alerting you may have a head start. We deliberately tried to unify the Grafana dashboard alerting and Prometheus-style alertmanager alerting into a single API and experience

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