Want to send alert notification with the graph panel


I have a multiple VMs which we monitor with Grafana.
One of the metrics we have collect cpu utilization disk and memmory.
i have run some query for both instance in single panel.
i want to trigred the Alert Notification with the graph whatever we are running the Query
can you suggest me what should i do for this because this the Latest grafna version.

2-contact point
3-notification policies
5-alert group

What is your data source?

hello @jasonmallory thanks for the reply i am using Prometheus data source

In the grafana new Version include image option is not available as per the document i have downloaded image-render Plug-in and also change the parameter as per the document in the config grafana.ini file. but in my mail, alert is not triggered with the graph. only value is showing.
like [unified-alerting.screenshot] capture = true as so on…
and this is the quarry that i am running for CPU %

100 - (avg by (instance) (irate(node_cpu_seconds_total{instance=“xxx.xx.xxx.xx:9100” , mode=“idle”}[10m]) * 100) * on(instance) group_left(nodename) (node_uname_info))

@jasonmallory please suggest me what should i need to do one more question above querry that i m running i want to run this query for 2 instance in matrix browser this query is being run by counting the 2nd instance,whether the threshold is being set on each instance it is giving the of only one instance on email alert how to come out of this ???

What are your query results?