Grafana cpu usage of specific instance alert

Hi, can anyone help me with this? I am new to this grafana dashboard, and I don’t know how to write the correct metrics (or query). I am using v10.0.3, and I installed node-exporter, Prometheus, and Grafana in my Ubuntu or Linux, and I added some node-exporter instances in my promethes.yml in target groups in the Grafana dashboard. I created a data source with Prometheus and imported node-exporter. Now I have created one panel for a specific instance with a query, and with the help of that query, I created an alert. I am getting an email alert, but the issue is that I am not getting the correct alert. I am getting a test alert with just lables, values, and an instance name. when i try to hit view alert (or view dashboard or view panel), it shows this site cant be reached Why am I getting this? can anyone help me get the correct alert and also graph in alert and correct details?

Welcome @mandavalikeshsai99

Can you please share all the settings you have in these sections?

In above screensort, i provided folder name and group name (ex: one) and i provided 10 seconds to 20 seconds, and in annotations, I provided dashboard uid and panel id, as well as labels and values (ex: type=cpu) Please, can you help with this information?

iam getting this kind of out put


cpu usage

firing view alert


High CPU Usage Alert for instance (my instance IP address)


Alert when CPU usage for instance (my instance IP address) exceeds 50%


B=2 c=1


alertname cpu usage

grafana_folder for cpu usage

instance (Here is my public IP address instance.)

type cpu

scilence view dashboard viewpanel

Can you help me with the above? This is the problem: I am not getting the correct output.what do I need to mention in annotations to get correct output?

Can you provide a screenshot from your setup instead of verbal descriptions?

I don’t have access to provide screenshorts; can you please help me with the above information?

And also, these are my metrics.

sum by(instance) (rate(node_cpu_seconds_total{job=“myfolder”, instance=“Ipaddress:9100”}[1m]))