Total CPU usage by instance/host in one graph

Primary data source is prometheus. Full disclosure: I feel way in over my head. I have a bunch of dashboards that I have imported and some I have modified. I have even got some custom queries to calculate specific metrics out of a mySQL database, like the last time a successful sync between APIs happened. I’m not totally helpless, but I am brand new to Prometheus and Grafana.

I have a collection of about 8-10 servers doing different things and I have set up them up with the node_exporter. I have a couple of nice dashboards with details and that’s great. I’m trying to build a nice overview dashboard that combines a bunch of different things. I want a single graph panel that gives me the total CPU usage divided by the number of CPU cores, so one line per host/instance.

I can get total CPU usage graphed per instance, but I cannot for the life of me figure out how to divide it by the number of CPU cores. In this collection of servers I want to get a birds-eye view of, I have one machine with a single core and one with twelve, and the rest are in between. Obviously if the 12-core box is sitting at 80% total that’s no big deal divided by 12, but if the single-core box has been at 50% usage for a while I want to be able to see that.

Is what I’m after possible?