How can I get CPU usage for multiple servers within a single panel?


I’m relatively new to Grafana\Prometheus & I’m trying to build a server monitoring dashboard using the Boom Table Panel with the goal at this very early stage to have a row for each server selected, showing memory & CPU usage. When multiple servers are selected, memory usage works as expected & we get a row for each server, however CPU usage appears to be aggregated & this is also the case if we take the Boom Table out of the equation. I suspect that it’s something to do with the metric query I’m using, which works absolutely fine for a single server, but as soon as I add others, it provides a single aggregated number rather than the usage for each server.

The query I’m using is :


I’d really appreciate it if someone could point the error of my ways :slight_smile:



If you want to show the all instance, please use this:

Then select the instance, so it’ll show the repeat of all instances…


Hi Fadjar,

Thanks for replying!

That approach works fine for multiple panels, but I’m looking to have a single panel with a table showing all servers & their stats, so another column here showing CPU usage…

Like I say, I’m pretty sure that the query for CPU is taking an average across all servers & I’m trying to achieve something like this…




I build this panel that suitable with my requirement

This panel just using Table with 3 transform, Merged, Group By and Organized Fields.
The Datasource using Prometheus