Can FOR in the Alert Evaluation not be used?


I have one topic for alert evaluation. We are working with a ticketing system. So I need to get an update every 2 weeks (14 days) when the count of the alarms with the same prefix, name, code name etc are being generated.

Example: Setting threshold to 5 alarms. For the last 2 weeks’ alarm, “XXXX” logged 6 times, so we should receive an Email notification regarding it.

The problem is how can we escape FOR in the evaluation because we just need to have a notification for this breached threshold of alarms. We need to set just a period of 2 weeks where we receive notification only when the threshold is breached.

Screenshot attached:

I saw that there is a possible way to set FOR 0m but when I click “save” it doesn’t save it and it stays with the same for and it doesn’t give me to put any number smaller than the “Evaluate every” XXX amount of time.

Kindly advise if there is a possible way to not use FOR in the evaluation.


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This post caught my eye because setting for 0s is a valid way to set the alert to fire as soon as the condition is reached. It turns out you’ve spotted a bug that is fixed in

Hello @melori.arellano,

Since we are using Grafana connected to AWS I cannot see the image with Grafana version 9.1

Could you kindly advise me when the version will be available since from the post you’ve attached we can see that the bug is fixed in 9.1 but the latest ECR in AWS is 9.0.6

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