Grafana 8 - Alerting - Evaluation - immediate firing once every 24h

Grafana 8.4, Self Hosted, Unified Alerting, InfluxDB Datasource

What i am trying to achieve:

  • I would like to be informed if condition is met at least once within the last 24h of certain data field (InfluxDB).
  • The Query should be evaluated every 24h (once).
  • The Alert should fire immetiately (within ~ 1min)
  • The Alert should fire only once within 24h AND again, if condition is met during the next evaluation, 24h later

What have I done.

  • Setting up a Query (with time now-1d to now)
  • Setting up a Condition respectively
  • Setting up Evuation every 1d for 1m

What has happend:

  • condition is triggered fine
  • Alert is pending but not firing
  • Strange Warning from Grafana: Setting a “for” duration that is less than or equal to the evaluation interval will result in the evaluation interval being used to calculate when an alert that has stopped receiving data will be closed.

My questions (to approach my goal):

  • Does anybody has an Idea how to set up an alert in order to achieve what I want?
  • May anyone interprete the Warning from Grafana? I don’t understand it.
  • How can I control the first execution of the Alert-Evaluation?
  • How can I trigger an immediate firing of an alert (after first evaaluation)

Thank you

@peter991 welcome to the :grafana: community!

I can help with this part:

  • The Alert should fire immediately (within ~ 1min)

To get an alert to fire immediately if the condition is true, you want to set the for time to 0. Otherwise, the condition needs to remain true for one minute before the alert will fire.