By default Grafana cloud billing/usage dashboard is visible to all users (Viewer, Admin, and Editor) and it is saved in General Folder. Can we move to any customized folder and restrict user’s access to that folder?

i tried to create and move the dashboard to newly created folder but it didn’t allow my to do that with free account, does free account has limitation?

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Hi @aalam.

While it’s not possible to move the default Billing dashboard to another folder (or make changes to the dashboard itself), it is possible to change the permissions on this dashboard.

Here’s what you can do to restrict permissions to a select group of users:

  1. Go to your “Teams” page (located at
  2. Click “Create Team”
  3. Name that team something like “Billing Admins” and click Create
  4. Click “Add Member” and add only the users/members that you’d like to have viewer/editor/admin access to the Billing dashboard > Save
  5. Go to the Billing dashboard’s Settings (cogwheel icon)
  6. Click “Permissions”
  7. Remove the default “Viewers can View” and/or “Editors can Edit” by clicking the red [x]
  8. Click “Add Permissions”
  9. Choose the Team you created (ex: “Billing Admins”) from the dropdown
  10. Choose what they can do from the dropdown (ex: view, edit, or admin) > Save
  11. Now only account level Admins (default) and people in this Team can see the Billing dashboard

Shortcut: If you want to restrict the Billing dashboard to only org/account level you need only to follow steps 5-7.

Hope this helped.

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