Bottom panels not loading

When I open my Grafana Dashboard and scroll down carefully, all my panels are loading. If I scroll down fast, however, the bottom panels seem to load indefinitely, and never display any data. This happens with all of my bottom panels: Graphs, Stats and AJAX.

I am not getting any errors in the console, but I do receive the following warning:
“Using strings as events is deprecated and will be removed in a future version”

My data source is postgreSQL hosted via AWS RDS.

Steps to reproduce the problem:

  1. Create data source Amazon Web Services RDS using postgreSQL
  2. Create dashboard with multiple rows and a couple of panels per row
  3. Open dashboard
  4. Scroll down fast

Grafana: v. 7.2.1
AJAX plugin: v. 0.0.7-dev
Operating system: Windows 10

I think I’ve seen a few UI bugs like this reported over time on Github (and subsequently fixed). Could you try a newer version of Grafana and see if this is still an issue?