Best way to visualize time series with multidimensional correlation

For starters, I have the following data from a solar array monitor as a reasonable example:

For each day:

  • total energy produced
  • efficiency
  • average air temperature
  • sunshine hours

Physically, there is a correlation between the energy/efficiency values and the temperature and sunshine hours, which over the course of many years changes, i.e. the older the panels get, the less efficient they get. Apart from the mathematical correlation aspect, I wonder if anyone has done a meaningful (3D?) visualization of such data? Meaningful in a sense that you can see the trend in the correlation.

This is just a relatively simple example but could serve as a nice demo for more complex correlations.

Any idea how to best visualize something like that apart from a simple time-series chart for all values?

I’ve read the announcement in the XYZ chart at The XYZ chart: Bringing 3D visualization to Grafana but can’t quite wrap my hand around how to map that to my example…

@arminus I would suggest trying the Apache ECharts panel. Some like this

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