Help graphing energy data


I’m struggling to graph any data with regards to my energy meters.

The data is supplied in KW and is a direct read from my meter, so every 10 mins I am getting a new meter reading.

I wish to view this in hourly, daily, weekly and monthly usage.

I have a basic panel set up which is showing the meter readings every 10 minutes, however I don’t know how to set this up to show the difference in usage from the previous reading and then display this in hourly, daily, weekly and monthly charts.

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for the time being, there is no simple way to do this. What data source are you using? InfluxDB?

I would highly suggest searching this forum for similar questions. Thsi comes up a lot and there are good threads on it :+1:

I assume since you are getting a new meter reading every 10 minutes (which is increasing), your chart looks something like this:

If yes, try changing the following:

You stated that you want a time series graph, but would it make more sense to get just one single value for the total consumption over the chosen time period (i.e. a Stat Panel with the Difference in the calculation dropdown)? In each Stat Panel (one for hourly, daily, weekly, etc), you can change the query options to ignore the time picker. For example, “this month so far” is now/M

See how the time selector value is ignored?

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