Beginner: Grafana and PHP

Hi, I am a non-technical person, but I am using Grafana for some reports related to resource usage.
I have 2 questions:

  1. Is is possible to have Grafana automatically extract some numbers (like max usage, average over a period of time, and so on) and store reports on a defined location?
  2. Is it possible to integrate Grafana with a PHP tool? - in the PHP tool I keep information regarding servers for each application; and I would like Grafana to update the dashboards I have automatically, when I update the servers in my PHP tool (for example if I add a new server to an application, I would like Grafana to also add that server to the dashboard created for that Application)

Hi, is there anyone who could help, please?

Hi @mariaoprea,

  1. In Grafana Enterprise, there is a Reporting feature. Grafana OSS doesn’t have this.
  2. I’m not sure there is a super-user-friendly way to do exactly this. There are ways to make a dashboard more dynamic, however. What datasource are you using to monitor your servers?

Thank you for the reply!

  1. I saw the reporting feature generates only PDF. I would need the data in Excel, in order to further sort, filter and analyze it. Do I have any options here?
  2. We’re using influxDB as datasource. Data sent from Telegrapf.


Have you explored the option of doing this extra sorting in Grafana? If you change your visualization to the table plugin, you can then apply transformations to the data and sort/filter/analyze inside the same UI…

Yes, I already have that, but I can only do this for the dashboard I am looking at in Grafana. I have hundreds of such dashboards and I would actually like to export all data for all dashboards in a single file…