Bar-Gauge Dynamic Maximum


I was not able to find a option to dynamically set the Bar Gauge maximum to the highest value.
Basically what I want to archieve is that the highest value is the maximum value of the all bar gauges.
A bonus woud be if it would be possible to have eg. 80% shown as red and 60% as yellow.

Thanks for any tips :slight_smile:

Hi, the editor does not currently have access to the data so setting max values dynamically is not supported.

I’m not sure I understand your use case though? Maximum of what, do you want max value to update every time there’s new data points?

Hi, sorry for being unclear before.
What I would want is that if I dont use a max setting the highest value should be max.
Currently not setting a max leads to having 100 as max value. The problem is that I allow to change the timeframe and problems of diferent kinds in that timeframe are counted. That leads to having a completly wrong scale. I just want to show which problems happend most often in the selected time frame.

I hope i managed to elaborate :slight_smile:

Ok, I think I understand. However, given what you’re describing, I don’t think a Gauge is the best visualisation for this use case. If you’re changing the max value for different timeframes, a person viewing this visualisation would need to know the timeframe as well. When developing the Gauge panel we were discussing this and our conclusion was that a Gauge has a given min and max value. A value that we can’t be under and a value we can’t be over, despite changes in the data.

For example a CPU can have a usage between 0 and 100 percent, a swimming pool probably don’t want the temperature to exceed 50C no matter which time of year (well maybe in January in Sweden :wink: ) and the temperature probably shouldn’t fall under 10C. These are given min and max values.

Again, let me know if I’m completely missing something in your use case.


thank you for all the effort trying to understand my bad explanations :slight_smile:

The easiest use case that I would prefer to have is that you could just set no maximum and than the shown maximum in the graph would adjust to the highest value the data has.

I tried to put that into

My solution at the moment is to divide my occourances of something through the amount off all entries to get a percentage value which is always between 0 and 100.

I had the same “request” for bar-gauge and decided to use different panel for it. I present to you: Multistat

It has great possibilities for customization, if you just want to set MAX to AUTO, keep the value empty.

The autor is active online and ready to help you with any issue.

The only down-side I have found right now is the panel cannot determine color theme of the dashboard. So you have to manualy change all colors if you want to use it in Light theme.

Thanks for the tip!

I will try that one out.

Hi there, I have a question kinda similar.
I’m trying to dynamically change the max of and gauge graph to be feeded by an snmp query, I have a lacp interface with bandwith of 20Gb (10Gb for which one port) if one link falls i want the gauge to change the max range to 10Gb automatically, otherwise I’ll be losing traffic without knowing by the analysis of the graph. Can someone help?

Thank you very much,
Rui Fornelos

if you leave min & max empty the bar gauge will default automatic min & max

Actually already tried it with percentage threshholds, but in a lacp smartgroup interface of 20Gb he only reads one 10gb.

Might be the snmp query total capacity of the interface??

Ty for the reply,
Rui Fornelos