Bad Gateway coming up for some dashboard's panel where Splunk as a DataSource

Hello All,

We are getting Bad Gateway when user opens multiple sessions for same dashboard to compile data of different clients. Logs have been investigated and HTTP status code 502 is traced.

After refreshing the same it starts showing data.

We are using Grafana 9.3.16


~ the grafana team

It looks like something (maybe Grafana) is killing your Splunk. Make sure you not using heavy complex queries and you query reasonable time range.

Thanks for Response !

Queries are normal, using multiple variables and multiple Panels for Metric collections here.
Its random issue when user open multiple sessions for same dashboard during that few of panels pops up Bad Gateway.
Data proxy configuration validated nothing wrong there also Data Proxy overall time out at Grafana Conf file is iterated by 10 seconds then the default but issue still rises in many cases.