Grafana Dashboard Bad Gateway


i hope anyone can help me:-)

I´m have an problem in Grafana v7.5.4 when trying to check a dashboard. It reports: Bad Gateway.

When i check the Datasource and click on Test - it´s successful.
When i take the Grafana URI and check the metrics with:
htt ps: / / mygrafana. com / metrics
i get an output.

When i check the api in the Browser with:
htt ps: / / mygrafana. com / api / dashboards / uid/hw2-all-jobs
i also get an output

And when i take this api call to check “all the jobs” Dashboard in grafana it returns Bad Gateway, but why, there is no data?!?!?!?

When i click the Dashboad “All Jobs” in the browser it takes this URI:
htt ps: // mygrafana . com / d / hw2-all-jobs / all-jobs?orgId=1

The Metric in the Dashboard is this one when i click on Explore:
avg(system_healthy{origin=“bosh-system-metrics-forwarder”,deployment=~".+"}) by (deployment)

Why i get bad Gateway with No Data???

Can you tell me the ports which has to be opened for firewall?
Source, Destination, Ports?


are you using a prebuilt dashboard? Have you tried inspecting the query? I’m guessing you are using prometheus?

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