Azure Log Analytics Issue - (v6.6.0)

Hi there-

I upgraded Grafana from 6.5.1 to 6.6.0 today and none of my Azure Log Analytics queries are working. On the front-end, the error is “Unknown,” but I see there is a problem getting the access token in the logs:

lvl=eror msg="Failed to get access token" logger=data-proxy-log error="invalid character 'B' looking for beginning of value"

I tried reconfiguring the datasource(s) but could not get Grafana to successfully communicate with the Azure Log Analytics API. When I downgraded to v6.5.1, the issue resolved itself which leads me to believe it’s something introduced in the new version.

If you have any tips/suggestions/workarounds, please let me know as I am really looking forward to using some features in the new version!

Thanks in advance,

I had the same problem when upgrading to v6.6.2. I found a fix for this:

Switch “Same details as Azure Monitor API” in the datasource config to “false” and enter the duplicate information for Tenant ID and Client ID etc. It should work now.

If you are using provisioning for the datasource, you can use the following yaml format:

apiVersion: 1
- name: AzureMonitor
  type: grafana-azure-monitor-datasource
  orgId: 1
  typeLogoUrl: public/plugins/grafana-azure-monitor-datasource/img/logo.jpg
  access: proxy
  isDefault: false
    cloudName: azuremonitor
    subscriptionId: {{ }}
    tenantId: {{ }}
    clientId: {{ }}
    azureLogAnalyticsSameAs: false
    logAnalyticsSubscriptionId: {{ }}
    logAnalyticsTenantId: {{ }}
    logAnalyticsClientId: {{ }}
    logAnalyticsDefaultWorkspace: {{ }}
    clientSecret: {{ }}
    logAnalyticsClientSecret: {{ }}
  editable: true