Log Analytics calls with no auth tokens

I am using Windows 10 OS and Grafana version v7.5.4. I am trying to query our Log Analytics workspace.
I have set up the data source as per documentation. After choosing ‘Logs’ while setting up a Panel, I see our Azure subscription and workspace populate. When running a query against the workspace, I receive a 401 Unauthorized error “valid authentication was not provided”.
I have checked our backend and have verified that the requests coming in to our Log Analytics workspace do not contain an authentication token, so the query returns with the 401.

I expect the token to carry through as my logged in user to the workspace.

Here is one such error: {“refId”:“A”,“message”:“request failed, status: 401 Unauthorized, body: {“error”:{“message”:“Valid authentication was not provided”,“code”:“AuthorizationRequiredError”,“correlationId”:“c4026389-0aea-44f4-9b32-ffd1a25d26b5”}}”}

I have followed all the documentation to set this up. While adding the data source, I get an error: 1. Successfully queried the Azure Monitor service. 2. Azure Log Analytics: [object Object]