Problem setting up datasource in Azure

I’m totally new to Grafana. I saw it in the marketplace in Azure and thought it would make a good status panel.
I’ve been following the MS docs which seem similar to a few others I found. When I got to the setting up the data source part, I’m getting an error:

  1. Successfully queried the Azure Monitor service. 2. Azure Log Analytics: Forbidden: InvalidTokenError. The provided authentication is not valid for this resource

I checked the box to use the same details as the Azure monitor. I’m at a loss.

I have granted the log analytics API \ and I have also granted the app, the ‘Log analytics Reader’ role.

Thanks in advance!

It looks like I don’t need the log analytics configured anyhow. I’m building panels now using the Monitor and I can get everything I need so far.

Ia have another error message .

"3. Azure Log Analytics: Not Found: SubscriptionNotFound. "
All resources (also ala workspace) are in the same subscription and i have toggled “Same details as Azure Monitor API” on. The same login data work fine for Azure Monitor, why does it complain subscription not found ? That does not make any sense to me. I would say the feature is just buggy, any opionions?