Auto-loading Grafana dashboards on arm devices with Kubernetes

On the OpenFaaS project, we want to give instructions for how to install Grafana with our dashboard pre-loaded. One of the ways we allow users to install Grafana is through the arkade CLI.

arkade simply automates helm3 to install charts. Whilst developing the chart, we were told by the contributor that the “sidecar” used to load dashboards dynamically on Kubernetes was not supported on arm.

arkade install grafana

# We would like to add this and have it work on x86_64 and arm
arkade install openfaas-dashboard

Is this true, and if so, what can we do to help resolve that, given that Grafana is multi-arch?



This is the PR where Markus mentions the limitation that he found at the time re: arm and the sidecar.