Assistance Required with Date Display and Font Customization

  1. Date Display in the Leftmost Column: I am encountering difficulties in displaying the date in the leftmost column of the dashboard. Despite several attempts, I have been unable to configure this correctly. Could you please provide guidance or instructions on how to achieve this?

  2. Font Customization for Alerts: Additionally, I am looking to change the font style of the alert messages that are currently displayed in red. My objective is to make these alerts more visually distinctive.

  3. Font Size Adjustment for Better Visibility: Lastly, I would like to increase the font size for better visibility on the monitoring screen. This is particularly important as the dashboard is displayed on a large screen, and enhanced readability is crucial for our monitoring team.

I would greatly appreciate any help or resources you could provide to resolve these issues. If there are any tutorials, documentation, or direct instructions you could share, that would be incredibly helpful.

Thank you for your time and assistance. I look forward to your prompt response.

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For more control on the visuals you might want to look at Dynamic Text plugin


Thank you, this helpded me a lot.
Best Regrads

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