Ability to manage font characteristics in tables and charts (time series)

Using Grafana.com / cloud, so that would be… 10.0.0?

New to Grafana, and I’ve spent hours trying to figure this out. I’ve read about features that used to exist but were removed, work-arounds that no longer work, tickets that were closed as implemented, and yet the capability seems to be missing.

I need to be able to configure the font use in visualizations. Basic stuff like font size (relative or otherwise) in tables, graphs, axis labels, indicators (other than Canvas which DOES have size but doesn’t have tables or graphs as elements… yet?).

Let’s take a basic example:

Dashboard: Visualization: Time Series: Line Chart with X and Y axis labels. Need to increase the font size on the y axis to be 50% larger.

The logical place would be under override property axis>font - but nothing like this seems to exist, other than changing the “zoom” on the web page, but that creates significant changes to the layout, and isn’t a suitable way to do this.

Given this is a fundamental UI concept, how/where can this be managed?