Application Insights

Hi there,
I’m trying to add Application Insights as my data source in v 8.0.1, but it doesn’t seem as straight forward as in the previous versions?

I have created an application in Azure AD and given it read permission to AppInsights API.
Pasted secret, directory ID and stuff into the fields, but no subscription loads:

I am facing the same issue, Grafana support team given me this link to refer.
Azure Monitor | Grafana Labs
no luck so far, will keep you updated if i get it resolved.

Did you create classic or workspace based app insights? If the latter, can you try giving Log Analytics based access and see if that resolves your issue?

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Good catch @mitulmk , our ARM templates created just the classic Appinsight resource.
migrating existing application insight resource to worksapce-based. hope this would resolve my issue.

Additional resource: We’re retiring Classic Application Insights on 29 February 2024 | Azure updates | Microsoft Azure