Azure/Application Insight datasource, cant find good metrics


I’ve hooked a app center app with metrics into an azure application insight. The application insight resource is great and shows sessions/mobile model/mobile os and some other stats.

I’ve now installed the Azure datasource plugin to my grafana server and added the application insight as a datasource. But when im opening the metrics dropdown all the metrics are garbage, none seems to be relevant. What seems to be important are left though as group by. Is there a way to change the metrics of the application insight datasource?

Not sure what you mean exactly. Did you miss this dropdown:


The plugin combines Azure Monitor and Application Insights together in one data source. The reason being that in the near future, Microsoft will be moving Application Insights into Azure Monitor.

I don’t know about Azure Monitor, but I’ve added a application insight for this datasource only.

And in metrics I can’t find any metric for phone- model/os for example. One stat I can find is the users/count. But it only shows 1 or 2. As in 1 or 2 logged into the application insight on the azure portal? Because the application insight in the portal are displaying far more than that.

Looks like you have totally different time aggregations (group by time) and different time intervals.

  1. In Grafana, the stats are aggregated/grouped by 1 minute. In The Azure portal, it looks like they are aggregated by 1 hour.

  2. In Grafana, the time interval is the last 15 hours. In Azure Portal, the time interval is the last 24 hours.

After configuring the time grain I got the same results as the azure graph.

But I still have problem finding a good group by to count the graph above. (Total users last 24 hours).

Also I still can’t find the metric phone model/ os.

Is there a way to create metrics in application insight that grafana can read from? Or are the metrics always the same from application insight?

They are group by conditions. Choose them from the Group By menu:

Grafana should expose the exact same metrics and group by conditions that App Insights does.

You’re correct using this method helps me find alot of useful data. Thanks!

It seems like this interface was hard to use/discover. What was it you found difficult? Anything we could change?

It wasn’t straight forward understanding the metrics and how to group them. But it took me less than 1-2 hours for me to understand it which I think is good.

But there are of course ways to improve it, but I don’t really have any good feedback for it. I wouldn’t say im an expert in application insight either. So its hard to give any feedback that you can implement.

Ok - thanks! There are some improvements planned for App Insights in the near future so I’ll take a look at the UX and see if we can improve it a bit.