Application Insights - Data points outside time range

I’m using the Azure Monitor plugin to import data from Application Insights using the Metrics → Edit Mode.

If I don’t specify a time range on the query it takes a very long time to retrieve data and looks like it’s pulling back everything. So I am setting a filter in all my queries:

| where timestamp > ago(6h)

This works fine however if I select a time range of less than ‘Last 6 Hours’ I get a message on all my graphs saying “Data points outside time range”.

How can I get rid of this? Is my approach for querying application insights data correct?


Hello @scomiskey,

I am experiencing the same problem as you do and am not able to solve it.

I query data from Log Analytics through the Azure Monitor DataSource in Grafana. In my case, Log Analytics contains Azure Metrics from all of my App Services, App Service Plans, Azure SQL Databases, Azure Storage Accounts, and so on… These metrics are aggregated (by Azure) on a 1 minute time grain and then sended to Log Analytics.

When I query these metric with a time filter of last 12h, inside Log Analytics, and render a dashboard, everything is fine. But, when I do the same thing through Grafana, I get the “Data Points outside time range” message on the Graph Line Panel, even though Grafana renders the data correctly. So, the message is displayed on top of the graph/panel.

Have you been able to solve this issue, get rid of the message?