Azure Monitor/Application insight panel issue after upgrade to grafana 6.5.2

Grafana Version: 6.5.2
Environment: Bitnami Docker image Hosted in Azure Web App for Containers.
Database: MySQL.
Data Source : Azure Monitor Application Insights.

After upgrading to 6.5.2 we see that all Application insight panels looks broken, the panel shows up just a few data points until we go and make some cosmetic changes like changing the time range for panel and saving it again. Please see below screenshot:

After changing It starts working fine:

We are upgrading from 6.4.4. have upgraded this set up a few times but haven’t had any issues so far. Problem is we have a few dashboards which contains 100s of such panels so manually updating each panel is difficult. Is anyone else facing the same issue with 6.5.2?

The issue persists with 6.5.3 too.

Would you mind sharing how you’re pulling the Availability data from the Azure Monitor data source? The Application Insights service of Azure Monitor data source says the Application Insights are being deprecated and does not seem to pull anything in.

Hi, It’s been a while I have used grafana for azure, or azure in fact so not updated on metrics. These availability metrics were from azure appinsights url availability tests. When you create an availability test, availability % was one of the metric. HIH