Azure Monitor/Application insight panel issue after upgrade to grafana 6.5.2

Grafana Version: 6.5.2
Environment: Bitnami Docker image Hosted in Azure Web App for Containers.
Database: MySQL.
Data Source : Azure Monitor Application Insights.

After upgrading to 6.5.2 we see that all Application insight panels looks broken, the panel shows up just a few data points until we go and make some cosmetic changes like changing the time range for panel and saving it again. Please see below screenshot:

After changing It starts working fine:

We are upgrading from 6.4.4. have upgraded this set up a few times but haven’t had any issues so far. Problem is we have a few dashboards which contains 100s of such panels so manually updating each panel is difficult. Is anyone else facing the same issue with 6.5.2?

The issue persists with 6.5.3 too.