Apache Echart error

Someone help me with this error

my sql query : SELECT invoice_month_name, SUM(amount) as amount FROM data GROUP BY invoice_month_name
let names = ;
let amounts = ;
data.series.map((s) => {
names = s.fields.find((f) => f.name === ‘invoice_month_name’).values.buffer;
amounts = s.fields.find((f) => f.name === ‘amount’).values;

return {
grid: {
bottom: “3%”,
containLabel: true,
left: “3%”,
right: “4%”,
top: “4%”,
tooltip: {},
legend: {
data: [replaceVariables(‘$var’)]
xAxis: {
data: names
yAxis: {},
toolbox: { feature: { restore: {} } },
series: [
name: replaceVariables(‘$var’),
type: ‘bar’,
data: amounts

Might want to post on the github repo for that plugin

Also what error is it


I dont understand. What is the solution for this?

it is not a grafana issue, the issue is in your code when using the plugin yso best to probably post your question in that plugin’s github repo

Also did you follow this tutorial?

Hi @yosiasz

Sorry i post the wrong way.

I followed this link

I dont understand what i am missing

Can you please point out for me ?

@kaviivak94 Are you using new Visual mode introduced in the latest release?

In the visual mode data parsed automatically or available using context.
We will describe in the changes in the upcoming release blog post at

Hi @mikhailvolkov ,

I am using 5.2.0 version, Dependencies
Grafana >=9.2.0

write now I need the solution for my visual , do you have any suggestions ?

@kaviivak94 Take a look at our ECharts Demo server for Visual Editor examples: