Anonymous Access with Grafana Cloud (Hosted Grafana)

I am trying out Grafana Cloud (free version for now)… I want to make my dashboards shareable or accessible via URL so that they can be displayed on Kiosks… How is it possible to disable authentication for Grafana Cloud… All docs are pointing to solutions dealing with Self-managed Grafana setup (changing the .ini files) . Please advise. Thanks.


Hi @senseiplatform, did you find a solution for this? I’m having the same issue. Thanks!

PS: it is a replicate of Enable Anonymous Access


I am also interested. It seems that the Cloud hosting does not allow anonymous access.

Hey count me in! It seems that it has been removed in v8.0. Makes it very hard to add it to our signage screens!

Did you find any solutions for sharing a dashboard from Grafana cloud without needing to log in?

Anonymous access for Grafana Cloud dashboards isn’t allowed yet, however custom domains are available for Grafana Cloud Pro and Advanced customers (as well as those running Grafana Enterprise on Grafana Cloud). You can view a list of what you can customize via our support team on Grafana Cloud here:

For some context: To enable anonymous dashboards at the scale of Grafana Cloud’s entire user base would take a considerable amount of infrastructure and security work to make possible. The Grafana Cloud team understands this is a popular feature request, but it hasn’t yet received roadmap prioritization yet. I’m hopeful as we keep growing our engineering team will be able to get to it in the future.

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