Alert Manager E-mail Configuration

Hi everyone,

I recently started using the alert feature of grafana. When it reaches the threshold value that I have set, it sends an e-mail successfully. But I cannot share the image of the panel with the threshold value. I also installed the Image plugin, but I couldn’t find where to add the image. In addition, I cannot determine which labels should appear in the mail and which ones are not needed. It brings all the metrics of that panel. In short, where can I change this mail template and mail content?

It is very scary to receive an e-mail called Firing :D.

Firing: 1 alert
Firing RPO Yükseldi
Value: RPO=2717, Sınır=1
runbook_url: http://IP-Address/0gasd5Vz/rto

summary: Report: VPG_NAME

  • alertname: RPO Yükseldi
  • grafana_folder: Alerting
  • instance: https://IP-Address
  • job: Zerto-Exporter
  • org: target
  • source: Source
  • target: target
  • vpg: VPG_name

Here I only need vpg name and source but it brings them all. There is a summary in the alert, it just gave an error while uploading the image, I can’t load it. The summary content is just as follows.: Report: {{ $labels.vpg }}

Thanks in advance.