How to add images on Grafana email alert?

Hi Team,

I am using azure managed grafana and I have added an template for email alert(Screenshot Attached).

Currently I am getting Summary, Description and Panel link.(Screenshot Attached)

I want to get panel image on the alert as well. Can anyone assist me on this?

You might need to ask Azure support. Images need the image rendering plugin.

Thank you @georgerobinson for replying.

Actually while using the default template I am getting the image.(Screenshot attached).

Can you please assist me how I can include the image on my below message template.

Ah I think this is a bug where images aren’t shown when using custom templates with email. Can you open an issue on grafana/grafana?

@georgerobinson Looking at my email template, Can you please confirm this is the right way to add image on the email message template?

Hi! :wave: No this doesn’t work. You can’t embed HTML. It’s disallowed to prevent XSS.

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@georgerobinson Can you please help me on writing this correctly?

I want to add image on my message template.

It’s not possible. You need to open a bug report on GitHub so the feature can be added.

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