AJax Panel 0.1.0 does not work in Grafana 8.0 for db queries

AJax Panel 0.0.7-dev was working with Grafana 7.5.5 …7.10

However in later version : 8.0.x, this plugin 0.0.7-dev does not work as its unsigned.
The new signed version 0.1.0 does not work with Grafana 8x for the scenario where we use Angular response and Metric Query Request mode , and the datasource is say PostgresSQL and a Query defined.

The response object does not have sql and respDataObj.rows. respDataObj.columns in it.
respDataObj here is JSON object of {{response}}


As a workaround you might try the option to allow unsigned plugins


That would at least confirm whether the older version still does what you want,
and you could then submit a bug report or feature request for the new version.


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Thanks Antony for this … i should have thought about this allow_loading_unsigned_plugins :slight_smile:

Tried and working fine … Thanks a lot !


We are using 8.3.3, the plugin seems to be signed-in but response object does not have the data/columns.

please do the needful.


hi Durga ,

Can you add a query with a proper datasource say mySQL or PostGres and see ?