Agent is sending metrics, but Grafana not show them

Hi there,

I’ve setup a Grzfana cloud dashboard in order to monitor Windows server with Grafana agent.

The first one I’ve setup is OK, all of metrics are shown in dashboard but the second one, wich was OK last week, is not here anymore.

For example, “windows_cs_hostname” metric is present if I check the localhost windows exporter, but if I run a query on Grafana for this host, this particular metric is not present. So the dashboard is broken.

My Pro trial is end now, but the problem as started before it, can it be the reason?

Thank you!

You should still be able to send metrics and use the full features supported on the Grafana Cloud Free plan! If you are not seeing any metrics being sent from Grafana Agent to Grafana Cloud, there might be a configuration issue.

Did you install Grafana Agent for Windows using the Integrations Walkthrough in your Grafana instance? If not, I recommend trying again with that integration as the agent comes preconfigured for Windows platform. There’s also some docs available here.