Filtering metrics which is coming from grafana agent

May I know the config that needed to update if we want to Filter metrics which is coming from grafana agent which installed in windows vm and sending to grafana cloud


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Hi @canvesh1023

I may not understand your question completely.

But if you want to send your grafana metrics to the Grafana cloud, then you will need prometheus for that.

Here is the link to the article which exlpain it well as what you also want to achieve.

Hope this is the answer you are looking for.

Hi there!

If you would like to filter and reduce metrics collected by the Windows Integration for Grafana Cloud, you will make those changes in the agent-config.yaml file. By default, this is installed to C:\Program Files\Grafana Agent

And since the Windows Integration for Grafana Cloud was built from the Windows Exporter, you can see a list of the collectors here:


The documentation below shows how to use the relabel_config for dropping/discarding/keeping metrics:



How relabeling in Prometheus works

Make sure to create a backup of functional agent configuration file(s) in case you need to revert any changes, and restart the Grafana Agent service each time a change is made to ensure updates are reflected.

@usmanahmad It is also possible to use the Grafana Agent as a drop-in replacement instead of running a local Prometheus, as long as the metrics are exposed in a Prometheus compatible format and can be discovered and collected using the Grafana Agent Integrations or a Prometheus exporter.