Grafana Agent to pull systemd metrics

While we are getting the metrics from grafana agent , we also have a requirement to monitor a a specific services running on a server .
How do we enable systemd metrics to be pulled by grafana agent ?

Hey Suresh! If Grafana Agent was installed using the Grafana Cloud agent script, you should be all set up to monitor systemd metrics:

If you have custom configurations that you want to use, you can create and maintain your own custom configuration file by changing the environment variable in /etc/default/grafana-agent to point to your custom configuration file instead of the default location.

For more configuration options, see agent/ at main · grafana/agent · GitHub

Hi @Melody
Thanks for your response and I have missed this process exporter some how in first place :grinning:.
Now I am able to pull the process metrics too .

K Suresh