Add time-delay based on timeseries value / Sync timeseries datasets

I got multile time-series data. Each set has a stepnr-timeseries which indicates the status of each collection.
What I´m trying to acieve is to time-sync / time-delay all the timeseries-datasets on one specific stepnr.

For example

On set 1:
stepnr 1000 is at 01.02.2021 08:00

  • associated other timeseries-data

On set2:
stepnr 1000 is at 01.02.2021 05:00

  • associated other timeseries-data

→ all data of set2 should be delayed by 3hours to match the 08:00 from set1

Any Ideas?

I’d say the opportunities to deal with this are determined primarily by which
back-end data store you are using.


Data is stored in a Osisoft-Pi System. Grafana connected via the osisoft-pi-plugin

In that case I shall defer to anyone who knows something about such a system;
I haven’t even heard of it.

The main question is going to be whether you can submit queries with a
timestamp manipulation / calculation in them, before the “timestamp” gets
passed back to Grafana.


I think it could be done via the AssetFramework “AF” Structure within the Pi-System. Unfortunatley thats not available in my case, only the Dataservers.

Tried to conditional-time-delay the timesseries data with the Expression-Feature,
the Transform and Dashboard-Variables (Type Interval). No success until now.

What I finally did: Backend: Python Flask, Frontend: VUE. Access the PI System via WebApi in Backend, calc the timediff depending on the tags. Then in Frontend integrate the Grafana via iframe. The time-delay can be passed via url-parameter.