Actual datapoints runs one hour behind on (correct) timestamps

Up front, I have been browsing the different posts, but couldn’t find the solution. I am 100% new to all this and this is what I have set up.

  • 1 Raspberry Pi 0 measuring data
  • Sending that data to an InfluxDB
  • Serving that data using Grafana

All newly installed. I see the actual data in influxDB in my own, correct, timezone. My browser (several) also all show correct time-scales. The underlying data-points are one hour behind though. A value you might see with time-stamp 4pm, is actually the data-point of 3pm.
Most posts I saw had to do with the time/dates not matching the users’ timezone, but that’s not the problem here. Is there anyone who can point me in the right direction?

I have tried to show it ‘live’ with the data next to CLI in an SSH session, hope the issue is clear. Thanks in advance!

Begin to suspect both Grafana and InfluxDB just want UTC. I have now changed to datetime.utcnow() in my python script. I’ll let that run for a couple of hours and see if this fixes it.

Time series data should always be stored in UTC.

Any local timezone representation adjustments should be done by your operating
system and/or applications. The raw data should always be UTC.


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Data looks better now indeed, so I’ll mark this one up to my ‘Lessons learned’ in my journey, thanks :slight_smile: